Fight against back pain with bean bags

According to a recent study by a chiropractic association in America, about 30 000 people experience back pain at some point in their life and more than half of the workers will experience back pain at least once a year. The pain is most of the time not a symptom linked to a medical condition or disease but is simply due to a bad posture. Doctors recommend ergonomic furniture to help fight or reduce back pain and it has been proven that bean bags are one of the healthiest seating one can choose.

Cozy Bag

Back pain: benefits of bean bags in prevention and treatments

Back pain treatment can be very expensive, hence the importance to prevent it from happening or look for cheap ways to reduce it. According to the National Institutes of Health, the 3 main ways of lowering back pain are as follows:

- Maintain a healthy weight, exercise regularly to strengthen back muscles and make use of ergonomic furniture.

Most chairs or sofas do not conform to the shape of the body which places stress on the back and leads to pain. A little discomfort can result in chronic conditions which require long term and expensive treatment. To avoid such problems, chairs have to be adjusted to the proper size and weight of each individual. Whenever you are sitting on a chair with no support, make use of extra accessories such as pillows or cushions. Cozy Bag makes life stress-free by providing you with the most ergonomically designed furniture which conforms to the shape of your body, provides you with utmost comfort and supports your back.

Bean bags are mainly known for being trendy and comfortable but they are also therapeutic as it promotes good posture. They are perfect for brightening up your empty space and are the perfect solution for a minimalist room. They also allow you a unique relaxation time and are very easy to maintain. Our bean bag covers are removable and washable. We make use of qualitative materials that can last more than traditional furniture. Give your back some rest!