Lola Kids Bean Bag

Lola Kids Bean Bag

Our Lola Kids beanbag is the ultimate upgrade to the traditional kiddy chair. Although conserving the same shape and design as a chair, the Lola Kids will provide a lot more of comfort to children. Designed to deliver adequate back support to the kids, this Cozy Bag will be ideal for schools, libraries and reading corner where the little ones need to keep a right posture while sitting comfortably.

Lightweight and sized perfectly for its small friends, this seating can be easily moved around the room and even brought outdoors to increase their interaction with the outside world. Think outside of the box with modern and playful seats to furnish your space. The sturdiness and the durability of this beanbag is also a big bonus, meeting if not exceeding the performance of a traditional chair.

The stylish and cozy look of this seating also makes it a great addition to a bedroom or playroom. Ideal to create a small comfy zone in a kid’s room, this seat will be ideal for hospitality professionals looking for a fun and functional seat to furnish their kid’s room.

Eco Friendly Product
Eco Friendly Product

100% recyclable fabric

100% recyclable polystyrene ball


70 x 110 x 80 cm

Cozy Bag Color Chart

Fabric Specification

All our fabrics are for indoor and outdoor use.

The attributes of CLASSIC Fabric are:

  • Excellent resistance to fading due to solution dyeing
  • Excellent water repellency
  • Stain resistance
  • Mould resistance
  • Breathable
  • Nylon type touch
  • Made in South Africa

The attirbutes of PREMIUM Fabric are:

  • Ultra high UV to resist fading due to solution dyeing
  • Excellent Stain resistant
  • Mildrew resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Breathable
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Soft touch
  • Made in United State of America