Why make the choice of bean bag chairs for your company?

You all came across a bean bag at some point of your life, right? You may have seen one in a home, at a hotel, by the beach, by a swimming pool, on the veranda or in a kid’s room. Today, you will also find them in the most unlikely places such as an office space. Cool companies now bring forward comfortable work space in order to allow utmost comfort to their staff and encourage productivity. This idea is mainly embraced by companies in the technology industry. Google is one of the most over-the-top offices worldwide. In such industry, there is definitely a need for creative and high-energy workspace. A creative workspace with natural lighting, bright colors and bean bags is becoming more and more prevalent. Companies around the world are hiring interior designers and modern architects to bring a unique and ultra-ergonomic look to their office. Why so? Let’s hear from some of them.

Cozy Bag

Testimonials of companies around the world

Washington: “We have built up a comfortable office space that mirrors our vision, which favors interaction and collaboration between our staffs. We made use of bricks, old doors and added a big mirrored wall, a HD project screen, an entertainment room with bean bags.’’

New York: ‘We created rooms with hammocks and multi-colored bean bags. Our productivity level has increased by 42%.’

Denmark: ‘We decided to turn our offices into open playgrounds with faux-grass floors. The ceilings were painted in a sky color. Employees can choose whether they want to sit on the floor or on bean bags at plastic tables. It all brings about a comfortable setting, where employees can develop new ideas.’

Reunion Island: ‘We are a mobile app developer and provide our employees with flat screen TV, bean bag loungers and foosball tables. New ideas have been developed by simply having those.’

Seychelles: ‘Our employees work for a minimum of 50 hours a week. We then decided to design an office where they will be able to relax, think and escape. Our office is now designed with open skylights, trees, flowers and bean bags that look like stones.’

Top reasons for adding a bean bag at your work place

  • To culture collaboration and team work.
  • Natural lighting, bright colors and comfy seating make employees happier and increase inspiration
  • A ‘feel-at-home’ environment and the opportunity for entertainment attract new talent and retain employees
  • According to a study ‘What Workers Want Report’, 43% of the workers aged between 18 and 24, prefer cool offices while 28% would rather work in standard offices.
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Photo Credit : IredacWeb