Why can bean bags be expensive?

Bean bags are often not close to cheap. If they however happen to be, it is mainly due to the unfailingly low quality products renowned for their lack of durability. The cost of a bean bag chair is the reflection of its quality and comfort. We can therefore say that the more expensive it is, the superior is the material and the quality. Various factors are taken into account when deciding on the price of a bean bag. Here’s a few of them!

Cozy Bag


The type of fabric used in the creation of a bean bag is one of the most determining factors in price. Several fabrics can be used to make a bean bag but some are way better than others. At Cozy Bag, we aim at providing durable bean bags at good quality/price ratio. For these reasons, we made the choice of top-quality fabrics, Cordura for your indoor and Outdoor for outdoor. Among the materials used by others, are:

  • Cotton : comfortable , breathable, affordable price but not resistant to water and stain
  • Silk : Good fabric but very expensive
  • Leather : Elegant for an indoor ben bag but very expensive
  • Microsuede : Great for indoor but not suitable for outdoor
  • Faux leather: Waterproof and not comfortable
  • Nylon: Good for indoor and outdoor. One of the best fabrics.

Fabric weight

The heavier is the bean bag, the more expensive it will be.

Amount of fabric

Larger bean bags do require greater amount of fabric. For example, a round bean bag uses more fabric than a square one.

In addition, low cost bean bag may offer only a single cover while those of higher quality will provide both inner and outer covers for ultimate comfort and protection.


Polystyrene beads are used when filling up a bean bag. However, some of the bean bags that are purchased online are unfilled in order to reduce the shipping volume. Be careful with cheap polystyrene beads as they may have been recycled and as a result they do not last. For a bouncy and durable bean bag, prefer the virgin polystyrene beads.